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KAKA’AKO – Reinvented!

If you don’t live on Oahu you may not have heard about the rebirth of Kaka’ako that is taking place as you read here. Formerly a mix of commercial, light industrial and older single family residences with a few condominiums in the mix, it is now going to be Honolulu’s shining star…..a city reborn. Well, it is not really a city unto itself, but it is loosely an area between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki that runs from (again loosely) Atkinson to South Street, east to west and lies between Ala Moana Boulevard and King Street orienting south to north.

The vision is a condominium paradise, a self-contained community replete with restaurants, movie houses, shopping, and all other manner of services and entertainment that would be needed and enjoyed by tourists and local residents alike. There are affordable housing units and luxury penthouse units and everything in between. I say “are” because some of the condominiums have already started taking reservations. People here lined up overnight to get first pick of some of the first offerings. There is no shortage of buyers for these condominiums. The upside potential should be substantial.

There are going to be at least 15 new high rise projects built with a rail stop planned for this location. Once you are home all goods and services will be in walking distance. No driving and parking hassles!

In my next blog I will tell you about some of the great new things the area residents there will be able to enjoy besides beach and park access and current harbor activities, Things like “Lunchtruck Alley, Eat the Street, Yoga, Ward Centers, Swap Meets, Farmer’s Markets, etc.

Grab your piece of paradise while you can!